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Full Livery

We offer a full livery service and cater for your horse as an individual. All day to day care of your horse is undertaken by us, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.


  • A clean, dry, well lit, ventilated stable

  • Muck out everyday

  • Skip out if stabled 

  • Turn horse out – all year round turnout

  • Bring horse in – pick out feet

  • Change rugs according to horse/owners requirements

  • Hard feed supplied x 2 a day (quantities discussed with owner)

  • Haylage/hay – ad lib/ or discussed with owner

  • hold the horse for any farrier or vet visits

  • night check on horses wellbeing

  • Weekly groom

  • Horse on yard worming programme (wormers included)

  • Full use of all facilities


We can also offer a tailor made livery service to suit individual requirements  which is ideal for busy horse owners should it be required – price dependant on services required.  Please contact us for livery prices.


We have an optional riding service where by we can exercise your horse twice a week (you can also choose to have your horse ridden more at an additional cost).

Prices start from £90 per week/ £390 PCM

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